Chris James is a world leader in film coating technology. Our seven-acre UK manufacturing plant uses purpose-built coating machinery to produce several million square metres of colour filter a year. Quality control procedures include a colour management system that ensures consistent colour production. Our team of highly qualified chemists rigorously test each filter before and after the film is coated. After thorough testing, each colour filter is accompanied by a spectro-photometric curve and a colour space analysis to make sure it will perform as expected when placed on a light source.

Chris James filters have been used in film and television production for decades. We offer all of the popular colour correction, diffusion, and colour effect filters that lighting professionals need on set – at an affordable price!

•    CTOs, CTBs, and Straws
•    Plus Greens and Minus Greens
•    Neutral Densities
•    White Frost Diffusions
•    Grid Cloths
•    Gold & Silver Reflectors
•    Party Colours
•    And More!

All of our filter products are manufactured to meet the ISO 9002 quality standard and the British Standard 3944-1:1992 for colour and diffusion filter material flammability and dimensional stability.

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